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Israel-Hamas War: I’m Not Optimistic of a Ceasefire in Gaza, Says Bolaji Akinyemi

He urged both parties to resolve issues pending since their dispute in 1948.

Concerning ongoing talks being held in Qatar between warring parties, Israel and the Hamas group, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi stated that parties are only aiming towards a “pause”, not a ceasefire.

In an ARISE NEWS interview on Monday, the professor stated, “It’s a pause, not a ceasefire. So after they release fifty people or so, they’ll go back to mass bombing? Irrespective of the condemnable act by Hamas, the world is now anti-America and anti-Israel, the principle of proportionality has been violated and the response to the attack on Israel has gone beyond the limits of humanitarian laws.

“It’s not really Israel versus Hamas. It’s Israel verses the Palestine, and it started in 1948. Until we go back to 1948 and resolve the issue, let Israel accept the two state solution.” 

Glamour Adah

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