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Israel Accuses South Africa of Misrepresentation in Bid to Halt Gaza Military Operations

Israel has accused South Africa of distortion in a case at the International Court of Justice.

Israel has alleged that South Africa is misrepresenting the situation in its bid to compel Israel to halt its military operations in Rafah, southern Gaza.

 The International Court of Justice (ICJ) held hearings over two days on Thursday, during which South Africa claimed Israel aimed to eradicate Palestinians, labelling Rafah as the “last stand.”

Israel responded in court on Friday.

In January, South Africa accused Israel of committing genocide and the court is currently reviewing this case but Israel pled innocence saying that the accusation are “grossly distorted.”

In its latest application, South Africa seeks to force Israel to allow “unimpeded access” to Gaza for aid workers, journalists and investigators.

South Africa’s recently requested Israel to allow aid workers, journalists, and investigators to enter Gaza freely.

In the Hague court ,South Africa presented its arguments, accusing Israel of intensifying what it claims is a genocidal campaign against the Palestinians.

South African barrister Vaughan Lowe KC told the court that the Rafah campaign was “the last step in the destruction of Gaza and its Palestinian people.”

He further said “It was Rafah that brought South Africa to the court. But it is all Palestinians as a national, ethnical and racial group who need the protection from genocide that the court can order.”

In Israel’s response, Deputy Attorney General Gilad Noam stated that this was a distortion of reality.

But delivering Israel’s response, its Deputy Attorney General, Gilad Noam, said that was an inversion of reality.

Noam added that “South Africa warns this court that, I quote, ‘if Rafah falls, so too does Gaza’. Once again however, the reality is exactly the opposite.”

“Only by bringing down Hamas’s military stronghold in Rafah will Palestinians be liberated from the clenched grip of the murderous terrorist regime and the road to peace and prosperity may finally be paved.”

A woman shouted “liars” causing a direct distraction resulting her beings excused thank the there.

 Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Oren Marmorstein in a post on X has requested the ICJ “to reject South Africa’s appeal and to bring the abuse of the Court to an end”.

Israel began its attack on Hamas in Rafah 11 days ago, amid warnings from the UN and others of a grave risk to civilians. More than a million displaced people sought shelter in Rafah with 630,000 fleeing from there since the start of the operation, the UN says.

Israel says its offensive in Rafah is necessary in order to destroy the last remaining Hamas battalions which are based there and to rescue some 130 remaining Israeli hostages who it believes are being held there.

The ICJ ordered Israel on January to take actions to avoid genocidal attacks in Gaza and to put more effort in human provisions.

Joan Donoghue, who was the president of the court, clarified that the ICJ did not determine the existence of a credible case for genocide. Instead, it affirmed that Palestinians have the right to be safeguarded against genocide.

While its decisions hold legal weight, the ICJ is not anticipated to issue a verdict on the genocide case for several years, and they are practically unenforceable by the court.

South Africa, with its governing party’s long history of solidarity with the Palestinian cause, has filed its fourth application with the ICJ against Israel’s actions in Gaza.

According to Hamas-run health ministry, over 35 thousand people’s death has been caused by Israel in the war in Gaza.

Nancy Mbamalu

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