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Imo Guber: Election Being Conducted in Free, Fair, Very Credible Manner, Says Uzodinma 

He commended INEC and security agencies for creating a good environment for the elections.

Hope Uzodinma

The governor of Imo State and candidate of the All-Progressives Congress in the Imo State gubernatorial election, Hope Uzodinma, has said that the elections in Imo state are going on in a free, fair, and credible manner. 

The governor, who said this after casting his vote at his polling unit in Omuma in the Oru East Local Government Area on Saturday, also mentioned that Imo state is a peaceful destination, and that those who ate financing criminality in the state should repent of their sins.

Uzodinma, speaking to journalists on the conducts of the ongoing election, said, “I just observed that the voters on the queue appeared to be very enthusiastic, and you could see the kind of joy that they’re expressing. And the conduct has been very orderly you can see the queue is very straight and there is no interference. They have not seen anything that is suggesting that there will be any likelihood of disorganisation.

“So, it’s an impressive outing too. You can see the number of people that have come out to vote. I’m not surprised because this is my hometown, of course you know that a prophet is rather known strongly in his hometown, so the conduct is very impressive. I want to commend INEC. I want also to commend the security agencies with the kind of the deployment they’ve done and how orderly the environment has become, contrary to the ugly expectation that the environment will not be there for voting to take place. You can see that INEC has risen to the occasion and everything seems to be very normal.”

Speaking on the state of Imo state in recent times as there have been multiple reports of insecurity in the state, Izodinma said, “Some of us who are in politics to serve the people, some of us are in politics for the interests of the people stay with the, people discuss with the people, and say what is really on ground. Some of us who are out to confuse the public just go to the social media, fabricate stories and publish. I want the whole world to now see that Imo state is a destination, and that there is peace here, and the election, contrary to that ugly expectation, is going on free, fair, and very credible. And you can see how freely I have come here to cast my vote and how also INEC was able to process it under few minutes. So, I think that this is an evidence for all of us in the country to know that the good minds in Imo State, the patriotic citizens of Imo State, people who are committed to the interest of our state are really desirous of having Imo state blossom. Those who are in the name of politics sponsoring and financing mischief, banditry, and all other forms of criminality, must repent of their sins.”

When he was asked on his thoughts on the low voter turnouts that have occurred in other parts of the state, he said, “It’s not over yet. I just came to vote and other people will still come to vote, but what I have seen here, compared to what happened last time during February election, is very impressive, and it is our hope that more people will come out. But at least, my happiness is that we have the environment to conduct this election and people have come to exercise their franchise and voting is going on. I think INEC has done well and we must commend them.”

He was then asked on what he believed the outcome of the election will be, to which he replied, “Only God knows the outcome. I have voted, and people are still voting. At the end of the day, whatever God approved will be announced by INEC.”

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