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I Will Deal Decisively With Elements Threatening Peace, Security of Nigeria, Says Tinubu

Besides security, he also said economy, power, education and industrialisation would be given top priority.

Bola Tinubu

Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has promised to deal desively with all elements threatening peace, security and unity of nation.

He spoke on Monday in Kaduna at the interactive session for Presidential candidates organised by the Joint Northern Committee.

Besides security, he also said economy, power, education and industrialisation would be given top priority.
According to him, the welfare and training needs of security personnel would be addressed and strengthen, while security institutions would be provided with modern technology and equipment to better position them to respond to modern challenges facing a fast-changing world.

He said, “Under my leadership, the Nigerian military will receive a much needed injection of trained personnel to strengthen the heroic efforts of the troops that are currently in service.

“We will deal decisively with all elements threatening our peace, security and unity.
“I guarantee you we will end kidnapping and banditry not only through increasing our policing footprint and capacity but also through other soft approaches that would promote inclusion and boost the economy of our local communities.

“I assure you, under my leadership, every inch of our national territory will be secured and defended”, Tinubu said.

He noted that safety of our people, there has been an increasing call for states to be allowed to establish their own police forces, stating however, that “the issue of State Police, just like the larger debate around restructuring, is a constitutional matter that requires consensus-building.”

He said though restructuring means means different things to different people, “but it should be noted that my aspiration to lead this country is a testimonial for my strong belief in its unity and indivisibility.”

These, according to him, are matters that require consultation with critical stakeholders which include the Council of State, the Legislature, the Judiciary, State Governments, Traditional institutions and groups.

“We will sustain ongoing efforts of increasing the boots on ground commensurate to our geography and population”, he said.

He also unveil his blueprint for growing the economy, Tinubu saying he will explore the abundant natural resources to boost the economy.

According to him, “Nigeria is sitting on a gold mine with abundant natural resources. With strategic investment in research and development and effective management, we will explore and exploit these resources to the fullest.
“There is no Local Government in Nigeria that has no resource or endowment that can be harnessed for greater economic development.

“Our major economic challenges are underinvestment and effective management, and these are what I am bringing to the table.

“Our economic plan would utilize the vast natural resources we have, through strategic investment in infrastructure which will lead to the diversification of the economy and wealth creation across the entire country.

“We will pay attention to modern economic drivers such as the digital economy, creative industries, sports and entertainment sectors for the benefit of our young people.”

He said under his leadership, the Nigerian government will be business-friendly.
“We shall support private businesses in our country and attract foreign direct investment to create jobs, re-industrialise our country and accelerate economic development.”

He promised to build a strong domestic economy and expand the capacity of the domestic market to support growth and encourage export capacity in the areas of our competitive advantage.

On the problematic power sector, Tinubu promised to prioritize the strengthening of the existing power reforms as a catalyst to sustainable industrialization.

He said, beside, ongoing power intervention from the federal government, “I know that the 19 Northern States and the FCT have incorporated a special purpose vehicle to build 100MW of Solar project per state to complement other power generation systems across the country.”

According to him, “”These are the kind of initiatives I will encourage and support to revamp industrialization.
“We will accelerate the completion of the Mambilla hydro power project, explore and construct other sources of power in line with global best practices.

He promised to attract investments and create the enabling environment that will ensure the resurgence of our moribund industries and continue the infrastructural revolution of this administration on the railways and highways all over the country and invest in our inland waterways for safer and efficient transportation to complement this industrialization vision.

Tinubu noted agriculture the backbone of any economy stressing that the sector is of special interest to him.
He said experience in the last seven years has shown the potentials of agriculture in solving the problem of unemployment and boosting GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

He said, “For example, recent investment in the rice value chain has led to the springing up of rice mills across the country with attendant wealth creation and a reduction in our import bill.”

He said, “The North has greater advantage in this regard due to its large and abundant arable land. My vision is for the region to be the hub of agribusiness in sub-Saharan Africa.

“We will improve investment in our livestock value chain. Specifically, subsectors like the dairy industry that has the potential of adding billions of dollars into our economy will receive significant attention”.

Speaking further the APC flag bearer said a collaboration with the private sector and governments at sub-national levels, “will make available high yield seeds and inputs, invest heavily in post-harvest storage and processing facilities so that we can significantly increase the value of what we produce.”

He said if elected his administration will develop a blueprint that will attract local and international institutional investors for both exploration and exploitation in the solid mineral sector.

“There is a lot of wealth beneath the land of numerous Northern States, like in many other Nigerian states. From Gold in Zamfara, to Lithium in Nasarawa, Nickle in Kaduna and Iron Ore in Kogi, among others, we are not utilizing the full potentials of these resources”, Tinubu said.

He noted that education is the most effective weapon against poverty, promising that if elected his administration will work with states and local governments to retool the system.
“Comparative with other countries, education in Nigeria suffers from funding deficit on account of our population and limited resources.

“I will provide the required leadership and mobilize investment for the development of the sector. We will work with both states and local governments to reform and retool the system.
“These reforms will give special attention to the welfare and training of our teachers and lecturers as necessary catalyst for the better system we desire.

“My administration will review our curriculum at all levels to ensure our students are conversant with global trends in different fields and sectors where they will be able to contribute productively to our economy.

“We will work with stakeholders to evolve creative solutions to the funding needs of our higher education that will bring terminal end to challenges of funding and the attendant perennial industrial actions.

“To ease financing for basic education and expand access, we will cut down on the counterpart fund required by states to access UBEC grants to an affordable percentage” .

He also promised to tackle the problems of out if school children, especially in the north.
“Millions of our children are currently roaming the streets instead of being in classrooms.
Unfortunately, majority of these children are in the North. This is unacceptable. I will work hard to turn around these statistics.
“My administration will invest heavily in infrastructure to allow for proper integration of these children into our conventional schools.”

On corruption, Tinubu noted that it is a consensus among our Nigerians that the socio-economic challenges facing the country are deeply rooted in the menace of corruption.

“We should not, and we will not give up in the effort to rid our country of this menace.
“My administration will support the existing anticorruption institutions and address underlining issues that make corruption to thrive.

“I will put in more effort on preventive mechanisms to tackle corruption. The government, under my leadership, will enhance access to mortgages and other credit facilities that would make it easy for Nigerian workers and other citizens to acquire homes, vehicles and other essential things without the pressure of having to pay lump sum, which fuels corruption”, he said.

He called on Nigerians to vote for him because “I am the best for the job, and there is nobody who doesn’t like the best! I am sure you all like the best, for you and for our country.

“I have proven to be a good manager of our diversity. As Governor of Lagos State, we had instances where our peace and stability were threatened by criminal activities of militia groups; I stepped in and fought them to a standstill.”

He said he was made the flag bearer of the APC ” partly because of the decision of the Northern APC Governors who rose to the occasion by standing up for our country and unity of our people, as against primordial considerations.”

He added that by so doing they have demonstrated that indeed the North is a region that keeps its words and always promotes justice.
“I have the competence, knowledge, and experience to provide good leadership to this country and run it very well…
“I will ensure we make our diversity a source for prosperity and entrench these values at the heart of every Nigerian”, he said.

The event was attended by the APC vice Presidential candidate, Senator Kashim Shettima, some APC governors, former governors, serving and former ministers, National and state Assembly members and party chieftains among others.

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