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Guerrero State Mayoral Candidate Killed in Mexico Campaign Finale

Mexico campaign activities have been marked with violence and fatalities with the death of almost 200 people.

A mayoral candidate was fatally shot while concluding his campaign activities in Guerrero state, marking another instance of violence marring the Mexico campaign.

The main candidates in the Mexican presidential election have concluded their last campaign rally before the upcoming voting on Sunday.

This election season has been marked by unprecedented violence, with approximately 200 public servants, politicians, and candidates killed.

 At the national level, either Claudia Sheinbaum or Xóchitl Gálvez is poised to become Mexico’s first female leader.

 Sheinbaum, favored to win, emphasised Mexico’s positive transformation under President Obrador’s leadership since 2018.

She stated that she is aware of her responsibilities, saying, “I’m clear that my obligation is to take Mexico along the path of peace, security, democracy, freedom and justice.”

 Her opposition, Gálvez, promised to combat organised crime and prioritise family safety.

She said, “You are going to have the bravest president. I am going to defend your family. I am going to protect your sons. I am going to take care of your daughters. Don’t forget that.”

 Alongside the presidential race, voters will select congress representatives and local officials.

The incoming president of Mexico, will confront challenges such as a sluggish economy, escalating violence, and the ongoing migrant flow through Mexico to the United States.

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