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Greatness Olorunfemi: FCCPC Commences Investigation of Maitama Hospital After Robbery Victim’s Death

The commission will make an inquiry into the consumer protection aspect of the matter.

The Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission has announced that it will be fully involved in the ongoing investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death of Miss Greatness Olorunfemi.

On Tuesday, the 26th of September, Miss Olorunfemi was attacked in a “one-chance” vehicle, after which she was thrown out of the moving vehicle along the Maitama-Kubwa arterial highway, Abuja.

It was alleged that Miss Olorunfemi was taken to Maitama General Hospital, where she was allegedly refused treatment at the hospital. However, conflicting accounts reported that she was already dead at the time she arrived at the hospital.

In a statement released on Saturday by the Chief Executive Officer of the FCCPC, Babatunde Irukera, the commission announced that they have opened an investigation into the matter of Olorunfemi’s death.

The statement read, “The Commission commiserates with Ms. Greatness Olorunfemi’s family, friends and associates who are affected by this tragic loss. The Commission has opened an investigation accordingly.  

“Of particular concern is if Ms. Greatness Olorunfemi died on account of failures implicated in the Commission’s Patients’ Bill of Rights (PBoR) or other enforceable legal instruments regarding attention and care to patients generally, and more specifically, in emergency situations where victims of criminal conduct require medical attention.

“Considering the facility concerned is a government institution, upon gathering initial evidence, and the Commission’s determination that there is sufficient basis/probable cause to proceed with a limited inquiry into the consumer protection aspects of the events or series thereof resulting in this fatality; the Commission immediately engaged relevant stakeholders including the Office of the Mandate Secretary for Health Services and Environment for the FCT.

“The Commission welcomes the public statement of the Office of the Secretary announcing a transparent broad investigation including a Coroner’s Inquest; and commends the early intervention/measures pursued by the Office of the Secretary, including assurances to enhance process optimization and compliance with appropriate standards of patient care and safety in accordance with global standards.

“The Commission looks forward to participating, supporting and collaborating with the FCT administration in this investigation and the aspirations expressed in the statement of the Office of the Secretary.”

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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