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George Agbakahi: Tinubu Working With People He Trusts, Not ‘Lagos Boys’

“They include technocrats, youths, women leaders, core professionals, politicians and governors who have performed exceptionally well in their respective states.”

South-East Leader of the Tinubu Support Group, George Agbakahi, has come out to debunk a statement claiming that the president was biased in his political appointments, especially in his recently inaugurated cabinet.

Arewa Economic Forum (AEF) made complaints and allegations against Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, stating that majority of his technocrats and competent government members were either solely from the South West or merely “Lagos Boys” who had worked with him previously, leaving minimal roles for other geographical zones. 

Others argue that the government was simply built to compensate those who the president had promised positions for aiding him in his campaign to become president. 

Meanwhile, it was reported that some opposition presidential candidates who ran in the 2023 general elections met with the National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Dr Abdullahi Ganduje, on Thursday, pleading with him to persuade President Bola Tinubu to include them in his “Government of National Competence.”

In an ARISE NEWS interview on Friday, George Agbakahi stated that the president’s main focus for appointments are on capacity but while doing that, he would first of all place focus on those party members who played active parts in his presidential campaign.

“Their composition includes technocrats, youths, women leaders, core leaders, core professionals, politicians, and governors who have performed exceptionally well in their respective states.

“These are individuals that have capacity. There are members of other parties that have capacity and they are welcome to join the government. President Tinubu is a man of tactics and nationalistic. He will take anyone willing to support his vision and mandate. So they are welcome. But  first of all he will settle those party members who actively participated in the election.

“These are individuals that have been with him. Trust is a key factor in politics. Someone like Dele Alake. Dele Alake has been with this able president for  years. And he’s a capable individual. Just watxh what will happen in the Solid Minerals Ministry. I believe he will turn it around.”

The politician made an example of the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike who is a member of the opposition party. He also pointed out that the president had already made moves to ensure an inclusive government with a majority of his appointments. 

“In respect of the south-east, constitutionally each state is mandated to produce a minister, but then there are instances that politics gets involved.  Mind you, even in the east you’re talking about a son of the eastern bloc David Umahi who got one of the best ministries in the country. That shows that our president is pretty nationalistic. 

“If you go to Rivers State which is in the South-South, they have one of the good ministries, for the person of Nyesom Wike. You go to the North West, mind you, two gentlemen from the North West are in the key ministry of defence. Then you go to the North East, the minister of agriculture is there. When you come to south west, we have minister of finance and coordinating minister of the economy as well as ICT.

“I don’t really see anything extraordinary in what the president has done. I believe there are some more ministers coming up. I believe one more minister will come from the east.”

Mr. Agbakahi stated that the president was not looking to emulate the directions of past president Muhammadu Buhari but going down his own path using his mandate. 

“If you look at the federal government foreign policy, you’ll  see initiatives, decisions and actions, which to me are foundational measures to rebuild a broad economy, fight insecurity, provide employment opportunities, you’ll find out that the president is not really following all of Buhari’s steps.

“President Tinubu is a man of his own and he has that administrative acumen. He is a thinker and a visionary.”

Glamour Adah

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