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Gaza War Has No Winner, But Leaves Everyone A Loser, Says Palestinian Envoy To Nigeria 

He said it would be a mistake to take the ongoing hostilities as an Israel/Palestine problem, insisting that the world is interconnected.

The Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh has said the war on Gaza by the Israeli force should be immediately put to an end as no one is a winner but everyone is a loser.

Addressing journalists in Abuja on Wednesday at a forum organised by the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), said: “In this war all of us are losers, but Israel is a bigger loser.”

He noted that it would be a mistake to take the ongoing hostilities as an Israel/Palestine problem, insisting that the entire world is interconnected and what affect one affects all.

Shawesh, who said Palestine is definitely not seeking support of anyone in the ongoing attack on Gaza, insisted that the Palestine’s position deserved to be heard.

He said: “We are not looking for support but we are seeking to be listened to. We are owed the moral duty of being listened to.”

The envoy said: “No one is safe until everyone is safe. The international community should ensure peace return to Gaza and Palestine.”

He insisted that: “All resolutions at the UN concerning Palestine should be enforced. And no more lip service should be pain to decisions taken concerning Palestine.”

On Israel being a bigger loser in the ongoing standoff, Shawesh said the original plan of Israel to exterminate Palestine is yet unachieved and can never be achieved.

He equally added that since the start of the present hostilities, Israel has not been able to get any hostage released, noting that it is time for the Israeli force to lay down their arms and come to the round table for a resolution of the age long crisis.

The NSCIA has always called for immediate stop of the siege of Gaza, insisting that the attack by Hamas on Israel was reactionary, stressing that: “The recent attack on Israel by Hamas -an original creation of Israel which was turned against it by conscience- was just a ring in a long chain of incidents that should have been addressed given that actions and reactions are always in a state of flux. We should also remember that Israel staged the coup against the democratically elected Hamas in Palestine. When people are pushed to the wall, they fight back and that was what Hamas did. However, an all-out war and complete siege on two million defenceless people is atrocious, abhorrent and unjustified.”

Michael Olugbode in Abuja

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