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French Authorities Report Five Fatalities In Attempted Crossing Of Migrants From France To UK

Hours after Rishi Sunak’s push for migrant deportations gained approval, five, including a child, die crossing the English Channel.

French authorities announced on Tuesday that five individuals, including a child, tragically lost their lives while attempting to cross the English Channel from France to the U.K. This devastating incident occurred shortly after the British government greenlit a migrant bill aimed at deporting individuals who have entered the country illegally to Rwanda.

According to the prefecture overseeing northern France, multiple boats carrying migrants were observed off the coast of Pas-de-Calais, attempting to set sail in the early morning hours. French navy vessels, including the assistance and rescue tug Abeille Normandie, swiftly intervened to aid a severely overcrowded boat carrying over a hundred individuals. Despite emergency services, five people died but several people were reportedly rescued.

Regional prefect Jacques Billant confirmed the heartbreaking news that a woman, three men, and a 7-year-old girl had lost their lives in the attempt. The boat, which was carrying 112 people, had endeavoured to depart from the beach in Wimereux, in northern France, where their bodies were found.

Rescue efforts are ongoing, with approximately 100 migrants rescued and are being transported aboard a French navy ship to the port of Boulogne.

These tragic events unfolded hours after British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s push to deport migrants to Rwanda secured parliamentary approval. The U.K. government aims to deter illegal migration by deporting individuals who risk their lives crossing the English Channel in hopes of claiming asylum upon reaching Britain.

Critics, including human rights organisations and international bodies like the United Nations refugee agency and the Council of Europe, have condemned the legislation as inhumane and cruel. Concerns have been raised that such measures could undermine international cooperation in addressing the global migrant crisis.

Melissa Enoch

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