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France’s Far-Right RN Party Falls Short in Parliamentary Elections, Exit Polls Reveal 

An Ipsos exit poll suggests that the NFP coalition will secure 172-192 seats, a blow to Marine Le Pen.

In a stunning turn of events, France’s far-right National Rally has failed to secure the largest number of seats in the latest parliamentary elections, according to shock exit poll results. 

The left-wing New Popular Front (NFP) coalition is forecasted to be in pole position.

An exit poll conducted by Ipsos projects that the NFP coalition will obtain between 172 and 192 seats, marking a significant shift in the French political landscape. 

This outcome, if confirmed, would deliver a bitter blow to Marine Le Pen and her National Rally party, which had hoped to capitalise on recent gains in popularity.

The Ipsos exit poll also suggests that the Macron-backing Ensemble group will take second place with between 150 and 170 seats. 

Meanwhile, the National Rally is predicted to secure between 132 and 152 seats, falling short of expectations and revealing the resilience of left-wing and centrist forces in the country.

These results indicate a notable setback for Le Pen, who has been a prominent figure in French politics and a vocal critic of President Emmanuel Macron. 

The official results are yet to be announced, but the exit poll data suggests a parliamentary configuration that could challenge both the far-right’s momentum and Macron’s legislative agenda. 

Chioma Kalu

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