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Fix Critical Roads To Reduce Insecurity, Military Urges Nigeria Government 

ENigeria’s military has urged Works Minister Umahi to prioritise road repairs in the North-East to reduce insecurity.

The Nigerian military has appealed to the Minister of Works, David Umahi, to fix critical roads in the country, to enhance its security operations across the nation.

Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Christopher Musa, during a visit to the minister in Abuja, specifically said it was important to rework the roads in the North-east of the country.

He stressed that there was a strong linkage between a good network of roads and military operations, acknowledging that sometimes military operations are hampered due to poor networks of roads, thereby, making personnel vulnerable to enemy targets.

The comments were made in separate statements by the spokesman to Umahi, Uchenna Orji and the Director of Information in the ministry, Ben Goong.

“I want to commend you for the efforts you are putting in. We know how determined you are to ensure that our roads are back.  We all know that without roads, there can be no peace.

“ That’s true for rural areas and urban areas. Roads are significant and very important to the growth of any nation. Despite all the challenges, we’ve seen how comments have been made, both professionally and unprofessionally, to your person, but you’ve been strong.

“I want to encourage you, sir, that the Armed Forces of Nigeria is solidly behind you. We will continue to provide every necessary support that you require. We are just a phone call away. Whatever there is that you would want us to do for you, rest assured, we will be there, because we know the relevance and importance of having good roads in any society,” he stated.

Specifically, the defence chief reiterated the need for interventions on the deplorable condition of some roads in the North-east where bandits are taking advantage of the poor conditions of roads in the area to undermine security operations.

He noted that the areas where the military were recording high casualties of both manpower and equipment, especially in Maiduguri, were the areas the bandits use Improvised Explosive  Devices (IEDs) in their attacks,  knowing full well the deplorable conditions of the roads in those areas.

He said: “So for us, roads are critical to our success in our operations. I want to appeal to you, whatever it is, whatever it takes, if we can fix most of these roads that we have, it will greatly assist us in carrying out our operations. Once we have good roads, the funny thing about North-east, especially Borno state, will be resolutely tackled. Most of the distances are not that long.”

Responding, Umahi disclosed that his ministry will work closely with the military to identify the routes that are critical to defence operations with a view to doing the needful.

Umahi praised the gallant efforts of the Nigerian military whom he noted deny themselves sleep and comfort in order for the rest of the citizens to sleep.

The minister assured the military delegation that President Bola Tinubu   will give the matter accelerated attention to enhance national defence and security.

He lauded the military chief for what he is doing to rejig the security architecture and rid the nation of banditry.

Umahi said that the military deserves the cooperation, support, and solidarity of all Nigerians in their efforts and sacrifices to secure the citizenry.

“Let me appreciate your concerns over our roads, especially as it affects your programmes in the North-east. And let me assure you that when we get those routes and your major concerns, we are going to analyse them to know the ongoing projects among them, and then know why the projects are  slow in their execution.

“It could be for the reason of funding. Everything has become a priority in our road sector development. We would like to analyse it and together we will take it to Mr. President, who has put the security of life and property ahead of any other thing,” he stated.

Emmanuel Addeh

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