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Failure to Tackle Economic, Security Challenges Ahead of 2027 Election Could Give Opposition Grounds to Cash In, Says Jide Ojo

Public Affairs Analyst Jide Ojo warned that if opposition elements don’t consolidate efforts, APC might secure another victory in 2027.

Public Affairs Analyst, Jide Ojo has said failure to tackle the economic, security and infrastructural challenges by the present administration, would give the opposition elements a fertile ground to contest and probably win in the 2027 election.

Ojo made this statement in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Monday, following the talks suggesting an alliance between PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar and Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

“I am one of those who felt that if Atiku, Peter Obi and Kwankwaso had combined forces in the lead up to the 2023 elections, given the strength they showed in the presidential poll, they would have easily defeated the emergence of President Tinubu. However, ahead of 2027, Tinubu is just one year in office, there are still some years by which we can measure in terms of economy.

“Today, you can see many skit makers making a caricature of this administration and even the economy speaks for itself, look at the exchange rate, even the issue of security, the challenge is humongous and if these are not tamed ahead of 2027 election, the ground maybe fertile for opposition elements to cash in and win. If the economic issue does not get addressed in a timeous manner between now and 2027, if the security and infrastructural deficit does not get fixed, I mean incumbents have been losing elections.”

Ojo articulated that to survive and thrive in the political arena, parties and candidates must be willing to form alliances when necessary.

Discussing future prospects, Ojo however warned that if opposition elements do not consolidate their efforts, the APC might secure another victory in the 2027 elections.

“Politics is about power and those who want to stake their resources to engage in the quest for power need to be strategic and to be able to make sure that their efforts are not efforts in futility because as it stands, with APC having won two back-to-back presidential elections, if the opposition elements do not get their act together, it maybe another free ticket for APC in 2027.”

He highlighted the critical role of the 2013 merger, which saw various opposition parties come together to form the All-Progressives Congress (APC), leading to a historic victory against the then-ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015.

“You need to do what you need to do to survive the murky water of politics. If alliances or mergers are what will make you succeed, then you have to do it. During the sixteen years of PDP, Nigerians were told that the PDP was going to rule Nigeria for sixty years. That is what the former PDP chairman said. But for the merger that took place in 2013, that could have happened if the opposition didn’t get their act together to merge and combine strength to be able to upset the PDP in 2015. Prior to the merger of 2013, there have been working alliances in time past, recall that it is even an alliance that we had in 1999 that pushed forward chief Olufalayi as a combined presidential candidate of the APAPP.

“But it didn’t go far, PDP was able to win that presidential election and since that time, up to 2015, opposition elements try to work on different alliances before the elections, trying to combine strength, maintaining and holding on to their different identities and it has never worked. The only time we have had a very successful wrestle of power from the government in power by the opposition, was when there was a merger in 2013. This model is what has succeeded in many African countries. The point is, before you talk about the ordinary citizen and good governance, you have to have the power with you.”

Chioma Kalu

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