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Eight Buffaloes Electrocuted In Kenya By Low-Lying Power Lines

Eight buffaloes met a tragic end at Kenya’s Lake Nakuru National Park, dying by electrocution.

Eight wild buffaloes met a tragic end in western Kenya after walking into low-lying power lines, resulting in their electrocution, as confirmed by the national wildlife agency on Friday.

The unfortunate incident occurred within the confines of Lake Nakuru National Park, renowned for its rich diversity of wildlife species, according to the Kenya Wildlife Service.

The power lines had been compromised by a broken wooden support pole, causing them to sag close to the ground.

In response, the country’s power distribution company has initiated the replacement process, opting for metallic support poles instead, as reported by the wildlife service.

This incident reignites concerns among conservationists regarding the potential threat posed by power lines to wild animals.

In a similar occurrence in 2021, two giraffes suffered fatal electrocution after encountering low-lying electric power transmission lines at the Soysambu Conservancy in western Kenya.

Conservationists had previously warned of the dangers posed by such infrastructure to wildlife, emphasizing the importance of adherence to expert recommendations to prevent such tragedies.

In a separate development on Friday, President William Ruto unveiled plans for the construction of a 100-kilometer electric fence in Lariak Forest, located in Laikipia county. The initiative aims to mitigate human-wildlife conflict by preventing elephants from encroaching into neighboring farms and settlements.

Melissa Enoch

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