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Deputy Village Councillor Throws Grenades At Council Meeting in Western Ukraine, 26 Injured

The motive behind the attack is yet to be confirmed by the police.

A deputy village councillor in western Ukraine threw grenades during a council meeting, injuring 26 people, with six reported to be in serious condition. The attack occurred on Friday morning at the village council headquarters in Keretsky, situated in the western Zakarpattia region.

The motive behind the attack is yet to be confirmed by the police, who have not provided any statements regarding the possible reasons behind the deputy’s violent actions. The incident unfolded during a live-streamed council meeting on Facebook, capturing the chaos that ensued.

Footage from the livestream reveals the deputy entering the room during a heated discussion approximately 90 minutes into the meeting. After standing near a door for about 30 seconds, he tossed three grenades into the centre of the room. The police statement confirmed that 26 people were wounded, with six in critical condition. Medics are making efforts to resuscitate the perpetrator.

While the war with Russia has provided many Ukrainians with access to weaponry, there is no current evidence linking the attack to the ongoing conflict. The nature of the discussion leading up to the attack remains unclear.

The shocking incident has prompted concerns about the safety and security of public meetings, emphasising the need for heightened precautions in such settings. The Ukrainian authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the motives behind the attack and to ensure the safety of future council meetings.

The wounded individuals are receiving medical attention, with authorities focused on both the recovery of the injured and understanding the circumstances that led to this unprecedented act of violence within the council chambers.

Kiki Garba

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