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Delta Police: We’ve Not Been Able To Get Into Okuama Because It’s An Ongoing Military Operation

On Okuama, Delta CP Abaniwonda says when another agency is conducting an operation, it’s better to wait till they finish.

Amidst the ongoing efforts to maintain peace and security in the troubled Niger Delta community of Okuama, the Delta State Commissioner of Police, Olufemi Abaniwonda, has addressed the seeming absence of the police force in the community. 

In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Wednesday, the Commissioner said that while the police haven’t been able to get into Okuama because “it’s an ongoing military operation,” they are working hand in hand with other security agencies to make sure that the those who murdered 16 soldiers are caught.

“In the Okuama incident, we have an ongoing military operation there. We have been on ground, we have been supportive. We have not been missing in action. Technology has been an integral part of present day policing. These individuals are being tracked. Effort is being made to ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to book. We are working in conjunction with other security agencies and I can assure you that we are making progress.”

Regarding the current situation within the Okuama community, Abaniwonda said he would only provide a limited amount of information on the condition of the area.

“Most of the places are deserted. I would not like to say more than that. It’s an ongoing military operation. I think when these things are ongoing, it is better that things are not said that might aggravate or pass information to those who are looking for.”

Addressing why the police haven’t gone into Okuama, he said there is a sister agency already in operation in the community and it would not be reasonable to go in while another agency is in operation.

“We have not been able to move into this community. Yes it is our responsibility as the primary line of defense in internal security. But when you have another sister agency conducting an operation, the reasonable thing to do is to wait for them to finish.

“We have not been able for now to get into Okuoma because of the volatile nature of what is presently ongoing around that environment.”

However, the commissioner assured that soon, the police would be able to enter Okuoma, as they are working on clearance to do so, adding that regardless, the police is offering their full support toward ensuring the safety and protection of life and property in the state.

“I can assure you that very very soon, we will be able to get in. For us to get to Okoloba and Okuoma, you would need to get clearance. So we are working on this so that we can also ensure the safety of our people who are in those environments.

“But we are on the ground, we are in our divisions, we are in our outpost, we are in our various formations. We are rendering our services, which is what the mandate of the inspector general of police is. Protection of lives and property. We are doing this. Not just in this community but all over Delta state.”

Melissa Enoch

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