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Death Toll In Afghanistan’s Flash Floods Rises To 153

The death toll in Afghanistan’s flash floods has risen to 153, with over 100 individuals stranded and left homeless.

The number of deaths from Afghanistan’s flash floods continues to rise, with the people reportedly killed increasing to 153 according to the Taliban’s interior ministry’s statement on Saturday.

At least 138 people have also been injured in the flooding across northern Baghlan, Takhar and Badakhshan, caused by heavy rains on Friday, ministry spokesman Abdul Mateen Qaniee said.

Helicopters were dispatched by Taliban authorities to try to assist civilians after reports were received that more than 100 were stranded and left homeless.

“The impact has been profound, leading to loss of life and injuries, with many individuals still unaccounted for”, said the World Health Organisation’s Afghanistan office in a statement on Friday. It added that water and waste systems were “severely disrupted” and four health centres had been damaged, with one destroyed by the floods.

However, the agency said it was sending health teams to provide treatment in the inundated areas.

Melissa Enoch

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