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Court Affirms Hyacinth Alia’s Win As Benue State Governor

The petition against the governor was dismissed as a pre-election issue.

The election of Hyacinth Alia as the governor of Benue state has been upheld by the Abuja court of appeals.

The March governorship election was proclaimed to have gone to Alia under the umbrella of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

With 473,933 votes, the Catholic priest was proclaimed the winner by the election commission in the 2023 March 18th elections.

However, a petition contesting Alia’s election was submitted by Titus Uba, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in Benue.

The chairman of three-member tribunal panel, Ibrahim Karaye, stated that because the case was concluded as a pre-election matter, they did not have the authority to hear the petition.

The governorship tribunal upheld Alia’s victory in September.

Glamour Adah

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