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Chukwueke: Uzodinma Has Laid Building Blocks For Growth in Imo State, Despite ‘Demarketing’

“The governor has activated Imo youths in the area of agriculture,” he said.

Chief Technical Adviser to the Governor on New Imo Project, Jerry Chukwueke, has assured that Hope Uzodinma, the All Progressive Congress’ Imo State Gubernatorial candidate and Incumbent governor of the state, has plans in place to continue his good works and also further advance them if granted a second term.

In an ARISE News interview on Tuesday, Chukwueke stated that Imo State has witnessed, in three-and-half years, “a deepening of good governance which speaks for itself” saying the governor has improved and plans on furthering those improvements in sectors such as security, job opportunities and engaging the people of the state.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 28 Nigerian states including Imo State, were overlooked by foreign investors in this year’s first quarter. Another statistic declared Imo as one of the states topping the list on the recent misery index with a high unemployment rate at over 50%.

According to Jerry Chukwueke, “What that statistic is not saying is that Imo is a major attraction centre for diaspora remittance. There’s a lot of talk and demarketing to Imo due to insecurity and all of it is exaggerated.

“The governor has laid the foundation and the building blocks in the state and it is going on as we speak. Yes, only recently, 5000 Imo youths were graduated and equipped in the Imo Skill Up Program with computers and electronic gadgets brought into the global work force. They are earning money in companies like Zinox and Konga that recruit and many more are coming.

“Our governor is working with private key investors opportunities such as WalterSmiths, for example, who has now essentially began to expand the refineries in the state, from 500 to 1000 barrels of crude and that work is ongoing now, and it will only be a part of the 50,000 barrels of crude opportunity that is coming. In addition to that, we have an industrial park that not only WalterSmith is involved with but our state government as well, to use Imo gas because that’s an important opportunity, and we have now gotten from his supporters.”

Also in the same interview, George Agbakaki, South East Leader, Tinubu Support Organisation, addressing the same topic,  said that Governor Hope Uzodinma had changed the trajectory of governance as Imo ranks fourth in the estimated GDP report with 7.68 trillion Naira especially with his eradication of ghost workers.

“In respect of unemployment, there has been youth empowerment in the state. The governor has activated Imo youths in the area of agriculture.”

“They have been empowered and trained in all areas. Our governor is a business man concerned in giving the youth a sense of belonging and creating wealth. This wealth has been created through empowerment through ICT and agriculture.”

The Labour Party governorship candidate, Athan Achonu had previously condemned and criticized  the Uzodinma administration especially for the inability to tackle insecurity from bandits in the state. This has brought up the concerns of voter apathy as he described the state as a “river of blood” while also promising to curb the issue in the state.

In reply to this, Agbakaki said, “In line with the political reality in Imo state, I don’t think we will have voter apathy. The issue of insecurity you are talking about, that issue has been ameliorated. The governor has been able to procure security vehicles, equipment, armoured personnel carriers for security agencies in order to enable them to combat security challenges.”

In conclusion, Jerry Chukwueke highlighted that Uzodinma brought gender sensitivity with his choice of deputy governorship candidate being Mrs. Chinyere Ekomaru, a woman. He also reiterated the security measures mentioned by Agbakaki which has given the people “courage to go about their business and confidence to vote.”

He further asked that though the issue may not totally be solved,  the Labour Party candidate should openly share and collaborate his ideas for tackling insecurity for the betterment of the state.

Glamour Adah

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