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Chike Ogeah: There Is So Much Secrecy, Opaqueness Around Nigeria Air That Doesn’t Make Sense 

He said despite the “failure” of Buhari’s administration, they have had some wins but this particular move was very unnecessary and uncalled for.

CEO of Mac-Folly Hospitality Limited, Chike Ogeah, has condemned the proposed launch of the Nigeria Air by the outgoing government.

 He said it is quite sad that despite a court order against the launch of the airline and a subsisting injunction against Nigeria Air, the outgoing government still went on with the plan. 

“There is a subsisting injunction as we speak against this Nigeria Air and for so many reasons. Number one, there is no shareholders agreement as we speak, irrespective of whatever parties you put in. this is 2023 and we are not going to go into another kind of slavery. You say you are having this kind of partnership with the Ethiopians; they bring their equipment, you give them 21%, you say Nigerians should bring money, I know its quite a sizeable amount of dollars. You say SACHO, MRS, they are the Nigerian partners and yet how much equity did you give them? They don’t even give them a seat on the board. The transaction advisors, they didn’t even bring any money, you’ve given them a 3% equity and a seat on the board. So, the whole thing if you ask me is all shrouded in secrecy, so much opaqueness around the deal and it doesn’t make sense. 

“This government is trying to leave on a bit of a high if you ask me, especially for what Dangote has done for them and that would have just been fantastic for them to do.  But for them to leave with this last act and as far as I am concerned, trying to trap the incoming Tinubu administration is very worrying. 

“I advised the incoming administration to really take a second look at this. This is not the kind of thing we should be doing, especially in a sector as critical as the aviation sector which is the sector that if it is a sector that if it is well handled, will be a catalyst for the Nigerian economy.

The CEO said there was no need for the extra effort and instead of jeopardizing their process for the new government, they would have let the Tinubu administration decide on what to do with it.

Ogeah also  said despite the failure of this administration, they have had some wins which this particular move was very unnecessary and uncalled for.

Chioma Kalu