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Catholic Priest, Eight Others Abducted in Fresh Attacks in Kaduna

The bandits ordered the widow to show them homes of residents who own cars and are rich.

A Catholic priest, identified as Fr. Kunat and eight others have been abducted in separate attacks Idon, Kajuru Local Government Area and Oil Village, a suburb of Kaduna metropolis, located near the Kaduna refinery.

Details about the abduction of Fr. Kunat was sketchy, however, it was learnt that the bandits invaded his residence in Idon at midnight on Monday and abducted him.
The attack on Oil Village was said to have occurred at about 7:45pm on Monday.

A resident of the area who confirmed the incident in a telephone chat, said the bandits, numbering about 15, invaded the community around 7:45pm on Monday.
He said the bandits sneaked into the community and surrounded the residence of a widow.

He said the widow who had gone to buy something within the neighbourhood, noticed some strange movements as she returned home.
The criminals were said to have swooped – in on her and her children as she entered the house.

According to the resident, another widow who also lives in the same compound ran into the hoodlums as she returned home from a visit within the neighbourhood.
He said, at gun point, the bandits ordered the widow to show them homes of residents who own cars and are rich.
He said nine people were abducted but one person later escaped and returned home on Tuesday morning.

According to him: “The bandits came around 7:45pm on Monday and surrounded the resident of a widow. They were about 15 and they were well armed.
“The widow went out to buy something within the neighbourhood. As soon as she entered her house, she noticed some strange movements.
“Suddenly the the kidnappers swooped on her and and her three children in the house.

“Another widow who also lives in the same compound was returning home from a visit within the neighbourhood with her daughter and ran into them in the house as they didn’t know what was going on.
“Two of the bandits quickly left with the other widow and four children.

“At gun point, the bandits asked the widow to take them round the houses of people who have cars and are rich in the community.

“They went to the first house, there was nobody. On their way to the next house, somebody who was driving out of the community after dropping a friend was attacked.

“They opened fire at the car as he was driving out and the man stopped and he was picked. As they rushed at the man, the woman managed to escaped into hiding.
“After getting the man they entered another house and picked a mother and her two grown up children.
“The sound of gunshots on the car was what raised the alarm in the community.

“We ran into hiding. We call the Sabon Tasha Divisional Police Station, but the personnel came about two hours after the bandits had fled.
“Nine people were abducted, but one person escaped as they were crossing a river somewhere along Abuja road”.

Mohammed Jalige, spokesman of the Kaduna state police command could not be reached when contacted as his mobile telephone was switched off.

John Shiklam

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