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Bwala: Nobody Is Strong Enough To Compete Against Tinubu For Presidency In 2027 Election

Bwala has asserted that Tinubu’s strategic initiatives will solidify his position for the 2027 presidential election.

 Former People’s Democratic Party presidential campaign council spokesman, Daniel Bwala, has said that nobody is strong enough to compete against Tinubu in 2027 presidential election. 

He said this while speaking in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Tuesday about Atiku’s visit to Buhari which he said was “political.”

Bwala commented on Atiku Abubakar’s recent visit to Buhari, which was officially termed a Salah visit. “These meetings have political inclinations. We all know that Atiku Abubakar is going to run in 2027.”

He emphasised the strategic nature of politics, likening it to a game of chess. “When A is calculating, B is not sleeping. What President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is doing at the moment is that he is building bridges, he’s making efforts to reach out to people even on the other side to see if we can bring them together and let’s look at nation-building as a Nigerian project.”

Bwala, having worked closely with Atiku Abubakar in the past, offered a unique perspective on Tinubu’s current and future strategies. “By 2027, there will be nobody strong enough to compete against him. It’s a fact that I know. He wants to deliver on good governance, lay the foundation for a good economy for the Nigerian people. He has also begun to implement certain projects in certain parts of the country that are generating positive points for him.”

Discussing Tinubu’s economic strategies, Bwala highlighted the global challenges and Tinubu’s efforts to address them. “Looking at comparative analysis, the issue of recession is a global phenomenon. The war between Ukraine and Russia has affected the economy around the world. The point to be made is that in the midst of it, what the government is doing is important. 2027 is way ahead, and certain plans that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is putting in place by that time would have come to maturation and its realities would have set in place.”

Bwala noted Tinubu’s policies in agriculture and diversity. “If you look at agriculture and the policies of President Tinubu, by that time there would have been food sufficiency in the country. By what President Bola Ahmed is doing, by 2027, the minority would have felt a sense of inclusion.”

He also mentioned the various initiatives Tinubu’s administration is currently implementing. “They are quite a number of things that the Tinubu administration is doing at the moment these are student loans, increased allocation to the state, collaboration between the federal government and state government. There are various areas of our economy where things have already begun to be seen.”

Speaking on potential alliances, specifically between Goodluck Jonathan and Rabiu Kwankwaso, Bwala said that “It would be in the interest of Kwankwaso to work with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu so that after the president finishes his second term, Kwankwaso will be in a prime position to get the support of Tinubu and all northerners.”

He highlighted Tinubu’s strategic prowess and commitment to good governance. “President Tinubu is not talking about 2027, he’s focused on governance. He wants to build a nation where no man will be oppressed.”

“Delivering on good governance is the biggest strategy for expanding your broad base and for the purposes of attracting people, and that’s what President Tinubu is doing,” Bwala stated. “There are a good number of northerners that are happy with President Tinubu.”

He pointed out that due to the “singular act of inclusivity for the minority,” Tinubu has his support.

 In addressing the economic challenges, Bwala urged patience from Nigerians, saying, “The president acknowledges that the economy is tough because he is taking tough decisions to re-engineer the economy and put it on a better path. I am begging the people to have patience because in the next six months, we will be able to see positives.”

Nancy Mbamalu 

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