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Burger King Will Introduce New Affordable Menu With A N900 Price Point, Says COO Ibrahim

“We want to talk to every single Nigerian, not just to a group of Nigerians. We believe that we need to address all budgetary requirements.”

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Allied Food and Confectionery Services Ltd, Rushdi Ibrahim, has said that Burger King will introduce a new affordability scheme with a new menu coming October 9 with a N900 price point.

In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Thursday, Ibrahim stated that affordability will play an important role in their business model moving forward.

He said, “We want to talk to every single Nigerian, not just to a group of Nigerians.

“We believe that we need to address all budgetary requirements.” 

He stated that the nationwide launch of Burger King’s new menu on October 9th serves as a testament of their fresh affordability initiative, featuring items priced at just N900.

“We’re making sure that Nigerians have the opportunity to have a real burger experience,” he added.

Ibrahim also spoke of the food company’s “exciting plans” for Nigeria’s Independence day, October 1, celebrating her 63rd.

Although he mentioned that he couldn’t reveal all the details, he expressed that the Nigerian public is in for an enjoyable surprise, stating, “There is a fusion burger that is coming out called the Freedom Burger, and we also have an offer related to the 63.”

Ibrahim highlighted its partnership with Coca-Cola stating that the products make a perfect pairing, as the fast food and beverage aspects complement each other excellently.

“Coca-Cola has a very extensive distribution network. We wanted to make sure that we leverage that distribution network and reach the greater Nigerian population,” he said.

The COO also recalled Burger King’s venture into Nigeria during a particularly difficult period, following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, from that point onward, he said the experience has been incredibly positive, and Nigerians have enthusiastically embraced the fast-food chain.

He said, “We see a great appreciation for quality food presented in a clean and friendly environment, and our growth actually symbolises that.

“You don’t come into Burger King just for the burger, you come in for the burger and the experience.”

He mentioned that one of the distinctive ideas that Burger King introduces is the opportunity for customers to personalise their burgers according to their preferences, aligning with their tagline, “Have it your way.”

He identified that the brand plays a role in Nigeria’s development by generating employment opportunities and striving to produce items locally whenever feasible, all the while maintaining a strong commitment to quality. 

Additionally, he noted, “We want to stay true to the fact that we are the home of the Whopper, but at the same time, understand the Nigerian taste palettes with sides like sweet potato cubes, plantain and yam chips.”

The food company also actively involves the local community through various activities and engagement sessions that bring advantages to the community.

Finally, he mentioned that there are intentions to extend operations to other states in the future, complete with drive-through facilities and underscored the goal of becoming the top quick service restaurant (QSR) operator in Nigeria.

Frances Ibiefo

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