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Britain’s ‘DragonFire’ Filmed For The First Time

A video of Britain’s first laser weapon intended to destroy drones has been unveiled.

Britain’s first laser weapon has been captured on camera while conducting tests in Scotland.

On Monday, the UK’s Ministry of Defence unveiled a video featuring the weapon’s laser test. The powerful laser known as “DragonFire” is intended to destroy drones. The ministry anticipates that the test will open the door for a less expensive substitute for missiles in the fight against targets such as drones.

The beam is invisible to the naked eye in reality, but can be seen when filmed through a special lens.

The weapon is a British laser directed-energy weapon (LDEW) technology demonstrator, which can deliver a high-power laser over long ranges.

Laser-directed energy weapons (LDEWs) strike at the speed of light and penetrate their target with a powerful laser beam.

According to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the DragonFire weapon is accurate enough to strike a £1 coin from a distance of one kilometer.

The UK defence ministry said it can “engage with any visible target”.

On behalf of the MoD, it is being developed by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) in collaboration with a few industrial partners.

The weapon system is the result of a £100 million investment by the MoD and industry.

Melissa Enoch

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