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Bolaji Akinyemi: Tinubu Needs To Exhume Uwais Electoral Report Buried By PDP Government 

The professor advised the president to employ a committee to integrate reports to aid electoral reform.

Nigeria’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi spoke on the recently concluded Liberian elections which former Vice President, Joseph Boakai, emerged as the winner.

The outgoing president of Liberia, George Weah, sent his congratulations to the winner lauding the electoral process as peaceful and gave his applause. The winner of the election gathered a total vote percentage of 50.9 % as opposed to George Weah ‘s 49.1%.

In an ARISE NEWS interview on Monday, Professor Akinyemi stated that Nigeria would need to learn a lot from the Liberian electoral processes describing the national issues as a disgrace.

The professor made reference to the Uwais Electoral Reform Committee established in 2007 under Late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua stating that the current government may need to dig out the report buried by the previous PDP government, using it as a yardstick for Nigerian electoral reforms.

“The PDP buried that report because they thought they would be in power forever. And they lost the election. And now, the APC is in power. 

“This is my advise to President Tinubu. Please exhume that report, the 2014 national conference report and then the El-Rufai report. Don’t call for another conference. Set up a small committee for them to integrate these reports and come up with the recommendation for him.

“He would his own recognition onto the plain and be applauded.”

Glamour Adah

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