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Boeing Skids Off Runway During Take-off in Senegal, 11 Injured

Dakar Airport operations have been temporarily halted as Boeing 737-300 veered off the runway during take-off in Senegal, injuring 11.

A Boeing 737-300 aircraft has reportedly crashed during take-off in Senegal, causing injuries to 11 individuals, four of whom sustained severe injuries.

According to a statement released by the airport authorities, the incident occurred as Air Senegal flight HC 301, destined for the Malian capital Bamako, veered off the runway at Dakar’s Blaise Diagne airport in the early hours of Thursday.

While the pilot suffered minor injuries, most of the 78 passengers aboard the flight escaped unharmed.

Following the crash, airport operations were temporarily suspended, with emergency services promptly mobilised to evacuate passengers, as indicated in the airport’s statement.

An investigation has been initiated to ascertain the causes of the crash, which occurred around 0100 GMT. Neither Boeing nor Transair, the private company from which Air Senegal chartered the plane, has issued any comments regarding the incident.

Although the exact reasons behind the crash remain unknown, it coincides with ongoing concerns regarding Boeing’s safety standards.

In January, an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max experienced a door blowout shortly after take-off in the US, prompting a criminal investigation.

Additionally, allegations from a former quality inspector at Boeing’s major supplier, Spirit AeroSystems, suggest that plane bodies often left the factory with significant defects, a claim strongly refuted by Spirit AeroSystems.

Chioma Kalu

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