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Banky W: Eti-Osa Has a Second Chance To Choose Me As Their Representative

“We have a big advantage in the places where the elections didn’t hold, so coming out of the gate, we feel very confident.”

In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Monday, musician and PDP House of Representatives candidate in Eti-Osa, Bankole Wellington also known as Banky W, said there were specific polling units where the elections in his constituency didn’t happen. 

He said there was voter oppression and intimidation, violence, and INEC showed up without ballots or didn’t show up at all, and these are some of the reasons elections didn’t hold in certain polling units.

He said about 29,000 people were prevented from participating in the election, and that goes against their constitutional rights. Wellington said, “Regardless of who people want to vote for, they should be allowed to participate.”

Wellington said he went to the Tribunal after initially accepting defeat because, according to him, “seeing how many places elections didn’t hold, it wasn’t something that we should just let go. There were thousands of people who believed in the values that we have for representation in Eti-Osa. It wasn’t right to turn our backs on the process and let go.”

Wellington said he will show himself to the people and let the people of Eti-Osa decide for themselves. He said he’s confident because analysis shows “We have a big advantage in the places where the elections didn’t hold, so coming out of the gate, we feel very confident and optimistic that the people will choose us.”

He further added, “I am someone who believes in servant leadership, accountability, transparency, and stewardship. These are the things I’ve stood for and the things my parents have instilled in me.”

He assured people, “I am not the kind of candidate that will win an election and disappear and show up in tweets on social media from time to time, nor do I have an entitlement to the office.”

He said if and when he succeeds, it will be because of the grace of God and because the people of Eti-Osa decided to entrust him with the responsibility of representing them.

Towards the end of the interview, Banky W spoke on the recent death of Mobad, the musician, saying, “It is a really tragic story, and the behind-the-scenes unfolding is heartbreaking. I didn’t know him personally, but I got familiar in the last week as his death began to unfold.”

He says, “We are in an interesting time in the entertainment business as the eyes of the world are on our music and film.”

Banky W said measures need to be put in place for a level of protection that young, talented people can expect from their country. “I am waiting to see the results from the police investigation, and then we will know what the next steps to take are. The police will be held accountable for the results of the investigation.

Wellington says, “Taking the position that the entire entertainment industry is dark and filled with criminals is a rash and extreme stance to take, even though we need to look at what needs to be fixed and make improvements.”

Catherine Amaga

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