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Baltimore Bridge Collapses After Cargo Ship Collision, Rescue Operations Underway

Baltimore’s Fire Department says people and vehicles have fallen into the Patapsco River after a bridge collapse.

A shocking incident unfolded in the US city of Baltimore as a bridge collapsed entirely into the Patapsco River after being struck by a container ship, resulting in a potentially catastrophic situation.

According to reports from the Baltimore City Fire Department, up to 20 individuals and numerous vehicles plunged into the river in the wake of the collapse. The fire department, currently present at the scene, is engaged in a frantic rescue effort to address the unfolding crisis.

The catastrophic event occurred when a large vessel collided with a column of the Francis Scott Key Bridge around 01:30 ET (06:30 WAT), as confirmed by the fire department. Disturbing videos circulating on social media depict the bridge descending into the water, amplifying the gravity of the situation.

A spokesperson for the Baltimore City Fire Department characterized the incident as a “mass casualty event,” underscoring the severity of the unfolding disaster.

The collapse of the bridge into the Patapsco River occurred in the early hours of the morning, sparking a large-scale response from multiple agencies involved in the rescue and recovery operation.

While the exact number of casualties remains unconfirmed, it is evident that the collapse has triggered a significant emergency response effort.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge, commonly referred to as the Key Bridge, now stands as a symbol of tragedy and devastation in Baltimore.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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