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Austin Aigbe: Nigerian Politicians Have Learned To Undermine Election Processes

Civil Society co-convener, Mimidoo Achakpa says the issue of prefilled sheets meant INEC did not do its job properly.

Member of the International Public Service Association, Austin Aigbe and Co-convener of the Nigerian Civil Society Situation Room, Mimidoo Achakpa, spoke in the recently concluded Off Season elections in Kogi, Bayelsa and Imo State.

The election on the three states had gotten thousands of officials deployed to ensure the successful conduct of the election. The election ended with the announcement of Uzodinma as governor of Imo State and Ododo as the governor of Kogi State while the results of Bayelsa State are still under way. 

In an ARISE NEWS interview on Monday, Mimidoo Achakpa expressed that though news of malpractice through bribery and prefilled election results marred the elections, she hopes that the Electoral body takes control of the situation.

Adding to the statement, Mr Aigbe stated that he was more interested in finding out how the election results came out so quickly despite the tedious process that was needed for its collation.

“This election has thrown up another level of the conversation post-2023 election because of the dynamics it brought to bear.

“There are incidents of bypass of BVAS whereas the BVAS was supposed to create some level of integrity in the electoral process. I have seen some uploads of IREV in Imo State and I have advised Nigerians to go on and check. It’s an open portal. There is about 95% upload in Imo which is fantastic but check each of those results one by one to see results deployed on those results, it will amaze you that incidents where we have 500 votes, about 490 will go to a particular candidate.

“Politicians have learned how to undermine the processes.”

He further stated the need for immediate investigation of prefilled results and other malpractices.

Worries arose as winners were still announced despite news of suspended voting in several wards and issues of malpractice yet to be looked into.

“On the prefilled elections results sheet issues, I think it depends on individuals. But again, the onus lies with INEC to fully imbibe in its staff, be they actual or adhoc staff. ” stated Mimidoo Achakpa.

Additionally, she stated, “For a corp member to be caught with the sum of one million Naira and prefilled sheets, it means INEC did not properly do its job.”

Glamour Adah

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