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APC Chieftain Okechukwu Seeks Protection of Multiparty System in Nigeria

“Multiparty system is essential for a healthy democracy in Nigeria,” says APC chieftain Osita Okechukwu.

APC Chieftain and former director general Voice of Nigeria, Mr. Osita Okechukwu, in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Monday, highlighted the importance of a multiparty system, stating that a one-party state is a “fetus of monarchy.”

 Okechukwu stressed the significance of a strong merger to maintain a healthy democracy in Nigeria. He reflected on the challenges and successes of past mergers, particularly citing the collaboration between President Tinubu and former President Buhari. 

 Okechukwu discussed the dynamics within the APC during the merger process, highlighting the pivotal role played by President Tinubu and his commitment to supporting President Buhari’s candidacy. He also touched on the challenges faced in garnering support from various political figures like Atiku Abubakar and Kwankwaso. 

 Regarding the current political landscape, Mr. Okechukwu expressed optimism about the APC’s position and the potential benefits of a strong opposition. 

 He noted the importance of “delivering on promises” to Nigerians, particularly in addressing issues like fuel subsidy removal and infrastructure development.

 On President Tinubu’s leadership, Okechukwu commended his efforts in garnering international support for Nigeria’s economic policies. He urged President Tinubu to focus on “infrastructure development, especially in the power sector,” to improve the lives of Nigerians.

 He also highlighted improvements in the security sector and the promotion of local industries under President Tinubu’s administration. He stressed the importance of “action over rhetoric” and praised the ongoing projects initiated by the government.

 Reflecting on Nigeria’s economic challenges, Okechukwu emphasised the need for “prudent management of resources” and “strategic borrowing” for tangible development projects. 

 He advocated for investments in the power sector to address electricity shortages and stimulate economic growth. 

 Okechukwu reiterated President Tinubu’s commitment to addressing the country’s challenges and emphasized the importance of “collaboration between the federal government and state governments” to drive progress and prosperity in Nigeria.


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