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Alleged Serial Killer Arrested In Rwanda After Buried Bodies Discovered In His Home

The number of casualties will be determined after forensic investigations.

The police in Rwanda have reported that a man has been arrested after more than 10 bodies were discovered buried in a hole in the kitchen of his home in the country’s capital city, Kigali.  

The accused serial murderer, 34, was claimed to have enticed his victims to his rented house in Kicukiro, a Kigali suburb, by luring them from bars, according to police reports on Wednesday. The local media reported that more than ten bodies had been discovered. Then, an anonymous source from the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) said that there had been 14 fatalities so far.  

A spokesperson for the RIB, Thierry Murangira, said in response to a request for confirmation of a number that the exact number “will be determined by forensic investigations.”  

The suspect was first detained in July on accusations of robbery and rape among other offenses but was released on bond owing to a lack of proof, he said, according to local media. 

However, he was rearrested after his home was searched due to continued investigations, which led to the discovery of the bodies dumped in a pit he had dug in his kitchen. 

The source from the RIB said, “The suspect confessed that he learned to kill from watching famous serial killers. He dissolved some of his victims in acid. 

“He would study his victims before stalking them and usually went for those that are most likely not to have close family or friends to look out for them.” 

Murangira stated that the suspect had admitted to the crimes while being questioned and that initial investigations had shown that both male and female victims had been killed. 

“He operated by luring his victims, mostly prostitutes, to his home where he would rob them of their phones and belongings and then strangled them to death and buried them in a hole dug in the kitchen of his rented house,” he added. 

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi