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Aguocha: Nnamdi Kanu’s Freedom Crucial For Restoring Peace In South-East

Honourable Aguocha has urged swift action on Nnamdi Kanu’s release to prevent further unrest and restore stability in the South-East.

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A representative from Ikwuano- Umuahia Federal Consistency, Abia State ( Labour Party), Honourable Obi Aguocha, has stated that the release of Nnamdi Kanu is crucial for restoring peace and stability in the Southeast.

Aguocha said this while speaking in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Monday night about the 50 lawmakers who united in a fervent plea aimed at the highest echelons of government to demand the immediate release of Nnamdi Kanu.

Emphasising the pivotal role of Kanu’s release in restoring peace and stability to the region, he said “The president will have to respond positively unless he wants to put himself in a situation where the protection of lives and properties skips the Southeast.

“The president doing otherwise from the appeal will render the South east to continue to be savaged by bloodshed. Kanu’s release will help restore peace in the south east, because it is the basis of the agitation going on.”

He further added that releasing Nnamdi Kanu will bring clarity to those “kidnappers and others who are taking advantage of the incarnation of Mr Kanu to know benefit from crime and contributing to making south east ungovernable.”

Aguocha highlighted the need for a political solution, referencing a recent court session where a Justice suggested a resolution through political means. “We appealed to the commander in chief to direct the attorney General to invoke section 174, sub section 1C and sub section 3 which talks about the powers of the attorney general that an attorney General at anytime before a judgement is rendered can withdraw a suit for public interest and to prevent abuse of legal process.

“ We also want him to invoke section 107 and section 108 of the administration of criminal justice act 2015, which talks about discontinuation of a criminal case and withdrawal from persecution.”

Aguocha’s call for action is backed by multi-party support in the National Assembly, marking a significant moment in Nigeria’s political landscape. “This is the first time Nigeria is asking for the release of Nnamdi Kanu,” he asserted, reflecting on his campaign promise and the collective responsibility of lawmakers to uphold justice.

He envisioned Kanu’s potential to catalyse a new era of development, saying, “If Kanu sticks by his previous pronouncements against violence, it will be a turning point for economic development in the Southeast.”

Nancy Mbamalu 

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