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Adamawa on Brink of Desertification, Senator Abbo Warns 

Senator Abbo has raised concerns about the looming desertification facing Adamawa state, blaming it on deforestation and Boko Haram insurgency

Former Senator representing Adamawa North Senatorial district, lshaku Elisha Abbo has said Adamawa State is facing severe desertification due to human activities and Boko Haram’s destruction of forest reserves.

Speaking at a one-day seminar organized by the Iliya Yame Kwacha Foundation held on Thursday at Guraigi Hotel in Yola Adamawa State capital, Abbo sounded the alarm on the rapid desertification of the state, if drastic measures are not swiftly taken.

 He attributed the crisis to human activities such as deforestation and the Boko Haram insurgency.

 Abbo also emphasised the urgent need for tree planting to combat climate change already bedeviling the state.

He stressed that making tree planting obligatory is crucial for the state’s survival.

“If we fail to act, Adamawa State will become a desert in the next 50 years, rendering the environment uninhabitable for all living things,” Abbo warned.

The senator urged governments, institutions, organizations, NGOs, civil society organizations, and National Assembly members to take immediate action to address the crisis.

The Chairman of the seminar,Most Rev. Musa Panti Filibus, Archbishop of the Lutheran church of Christ of Nigeria ( LCCN) welcomed participants to the Iliya Yame Kwache Foundation’s annual mass tree planting exercise and peacebuilding seminar.

 He  however condemned recently the terrorist attacks on Gwoza in Borno State which he said claimed nearly 40 lives and appreciated the government’s efforts to address them. 

He further explained that the seminar focused on the conflict between farmers and herders, particularly in Northern Nigeria, and the importance of afforestation and reforestation in addressing the root causes of this conflict.

 He commended the Adamawa State Government’s efforts to ban uncontrolled tree cutting and burning for charcoal production. 

“The seminar aimed to foster understanding, collaboration, and decisive action towards peaceful coexistence and sustainable development.” he said

 He emphasised the importance of environmental conservation and encouraged governments and citizens to prioritize sustainable practices.

 He expressed optimism that the seminar would generate concrete strategies for tangible outcomes and thanked the organizers and participants for their commitment to restoring the environment and creating a harmonious future.

Daji Sani

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