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Adai:  Jandor Saying Bode George Has Left PDP Is A Joke Taken Too Far

Adai to Jandor: “This is the time for us to come down from our various high horses…”

On Wednesday, Adai Edwin Adai, a member of the dissolved Atiku Presidential Technical Committee, spoke with ARISE NEWS in an interview, to exercise a right of reply regarding the remarks made by Abdul-Azeez Adediran, also referred to as Jandor.

Jandor had earlier remarked that leaders of the People’s Democratic Party who supported other candidates during the last elections have ceased to be members of the party.

He did however clarify that he did not expel anyone from the party, but that those who supported candidates from other political parties during the last election expelled themselves from the PDP.

In response to Jandor, Adai said that the remarks made by Jandor were inaccurate, adding that Jandor’s remark was a joke that went too far.

Adai also said that while a lot of things happened during the presidential election, and a lot of people carried out anti-party activities, the party is now more focused on reconciliation.

“I think the statement made by Jandor, the gubernatorial candidate of Lagos State in the last election, was not correct. There was no time that Chief Olabode George said he has left the party. I know that a lot of things happened in the course of our election in the 2023 presidential election, but to say that Chief Olabode George has expelled himself from the party is totally incorrect.

“A lot of people did a lot of things in the presidential election. A lot of people did anti-party. Right now, we are talking about the reconciliation of the party.

“That statement by Jandor in my own opinion is a joke taken too far. At this particular point, we are talking about reaching out to all the warring factions. Let’s put our hands together. This is the time for us to come down from our various high horses to begin to talk to ourselves to see reasons why we can rebuild the party. I don’t think that statement he made is correct. It is totally incorrect.”

Speaking on his coming on the show to address Jandors statement when it could have been handled offline, since the PDP is now headed towards peace making, Adai said, “at this particular point in time, we are reaching out to everybody.”

While clarifying that he has nothing against Jandor, he however maintained that Jandor’s remarks were wrong.

“I personally do not have any personal issues with him.The point I’m trying to make is this. There is nothing wrong for young people to aspire for leadership positions. But if you must do that, there are certain boundaries you must not cross. Olabode George is a leader of the People’s Democratic Party and it remains so. He is a national leader of our great party, a member of the board of trustees. You can not just come and make some substantive claim that he is no longer a member of the People’s Democratic Party. That is not correct.

“He shouldn’t make such statements. The point is, if you are aspiring to become the leader of the party, there is nothing wrong with that.But trying to say some people have expelled themselves because they did what you call anti-party is not correct. All have sinned.”

Melissa Enoch

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