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 Achike Chude: Enugu Government Has No Right To Shut Businesses That Comply With Sit-At-Home Order

“The people have a fundamental right to movement, so they can decide not to work.”

Political and Social Affairs Commentator, Achike Chude, has called out South eastern governments for their negligence in providing adequate security for the people of the region against attacks and oppression from the Indigenous People of Biafra.

In an ARISE NEWS interview on Thursday, Chude, who is a south easterner, stated that the government of the  regions who are suffering from this declared act of terrorism should deploy some of the security personnel assigned to them to protect local business owners so as to provide them with the same level of security given to government officials.

“The government has the duty to provide for the welfare for the people and their security. So when government fails in that, in reality what is going on is a breakdown in the system; a breakdown and weakening of institutions of the state. 

“So you have a situation where the government, whether at the federal or state level can neither protect itself nor protect its citizens. And that’s what is going on. 

“Because some other people are calling the shots and people are listening. Not out of love or the instruction that have been given but out of compulsion because they want to keep safe, you know so of what good is a dead business man when he goes to do his business and is killed in the process?”

Chude stated that the current predicament of the state  is a manifestation of the failure of the state to keep the citizens safe. He further stated that the people are disappointed at the regression of the government. 

He also said the nation is dysfunctional and that it has used the military and DSS as a tool for manipulation.  

On Tuesday, Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State announced that the government had locked up two banks and 107 shops after the people failed to obey the government’s directive to ignore the Sit-At-Home imposition.

In response to this, Chude stated, “I do not think politicians understand their job and they do not understand what the rule of law entails. The people have a fundamental right. They hold an opinion and hold a fundamental right to movement. So they can decide not to work. 

“The government does not have the right to shut down shops if people refuse. It’s unheard of; it’s a scandal. It simply tells you again that this military mentality and the culture from the military era until now is what we are still seeing.” 

Chude further expressed disappointment that despite the county having practised over twenty three years of democracy,it is a shame to see that nothing has changed over the years. 

“Like I said, as the more things seem to change, the more they remain the same.”

Glamour Adah

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