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Abuja Residents Loot FCT Agriculture Department Warehouse

The PRO of the FCT Agricultural secretariat confirmed the incident but refrained from providing additional details.

Abuja residents has raided a warehouse belonging to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Department of Agriculture, looting foodstuffs and other stored items. 

The incident unfolded on Sunday morning, with earlier social media reports mistakenly attributing the warehouse to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

Contrary to initial claims, a confidential source within NEMA confirmed to newsmen that the warehouse, in fact, belonged to the FCT Agriculture Department. 

Upon inquiry, Zakari Aliyu, the Public Relations Officer of the FCT Agric secretariat, verified the authenticity of the looted warehouse but refrained from providing additional details.

This incident follows a wave of protests across Nigeria driven by citizens grappling with economic hardships, including soaring commodity prices due to government policies such as the removal of petrol subsidies and the unification of the forex rate.

In recent weeks, protests have erupted in various states, including Suleja in Niger State and Minna, the state capital, where citizens expressed their discontent with the high cost of living. 

Protesters held placards with messages like “Leadership is all about improving the life of the masses” and “Nigerians are suffering, stop the hardship now.”

The unrest has extended to Ibadan, where placard-carrying youths in the Mokola area voiced their concerns, demanding an end to food hikes and inflation. 

The President Bola Tinubu-led Federal Government has acknowledged the nation’s hardship and initiated palliative measures. President Tinubu directed top security officials to collaborate with governors in addressing food hoarding and ruled out the importation of food items, emphasizing support for local farmers.

Despite these efforts, widespread dissatisfaction persists, and the looting of the FCT Agriculture Department warehouse in Abuja underscores the urgency for comprehensive solutions to address the economic challenges faced by Nigerians.

Chioma Kalu

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