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Abdullah Shawesh: International Community Should Stop Giving Israel Unconditional Support

He said that Israel has always seen itself as a state above international law, which is not meant to be.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Palestine in Abuja, Abdullah Abu Shawesh, has said that the International Community needs to stop showing unconditional support for Israel regardless of their wrongdoings, saying that Israel has started to view itself as a state above International Law.

The ambassador, while discussing the start and the effects of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Thursday, also mentioned that the videos that were being circulated of Hamas soldiers killing Israeli citizens are AI generated.

Shawesh, speaking on the origin of this war, said, “It’s not a war between Hamas and Israel, it’s an Israeli war against the Palestinian people that was not adopted only 5 days ago. It’s a long time ago since about 1948. We have only one song and we will not hesitate to repeat it to all times and times. This is something happened long time ago, this is a war from the Israeli side.”

He also said that although the cameras were just focused on Gaza Strip, the war had gone beyond Gaza strip and had penetrated into West Bank and other places east of Jerusalem.

“It’s an open war,” he said, “it was not erupted just a few days ago, it is running since long time ago.”

When Shawesh was asked to comment on the several videos that had been going around to imply that the Hamas military group was indiscriminately killing Israeli citizens, he said that the international media was selling “a trap by Israeli propaganda,” and that the videos were generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI), meanwhile, the Israeli military had, as at Thursday according to him, killed up to 1,050 Palestinians, of which majority, if not all of them, were civilians.

Shawesh said, “The Israeli propaganda to justify all of these deaths is saying and will continue to say that Hamas is hiding under military groups, hiding between the Palestinian civilians. This is completely not true. They have the very sophisticated equipment, the very sophisticated technology that they can at least show us some pictures, some videos that yes, the military group is hiding between the Palestinian civilians. They can’t take this and show us.”

The Palestinian Ambassador then said that although the international community is trying to send humanitarian aid reliefs to Palestine, “Till now, unfortunately, the Israeli government declared a total war on the people in Gaza, total enclosure, no food, no fuel, no electricity, no water, no medical supplies. All of this stuff, Gaza is completely short of it, and all the reports is talking about the food and the water and all of these humanitarian necessities, at least, for the people to continue alive, it will not serve them more than another 5-6 days.”

Shawesh then urged the international community to stop their unlimited support for Israel, saying that Israel had always been treating itself as if it was above international law, saying, “This is not the first time that Israel has treated itself as above international law. The security council, the United Nations, General Assembly adopted terms of resolution and Israel did not abide, did not apply any one of these resolutions.”

He said, “The international community has a lot of tools, diplomatic tools, lots of them that they can use to put an end to not only the genocide but to put an end to the chronic Israeli incubation. First and foremost, of course is to stop treating Israel as the grumpy, spoiled teenager. Stop treating Israel as a state above international law. Stop giving Israel unconditional and unlimited support all over the world.”

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi