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AbdulazIz Yari Laments Neglect Of North In Senate Presidency, Rejects Zoning 

Yari stated that the North deserved to be given more hold in government, especially since they had delivered Tinubu’s victory as they gave him over 60% of his total votes.

Senator Abdulaziz Yari, the former governor of Zamfara state and aspirant for the senate presidency, has rejected the APCs zoning of the position to the south-south, as he said the North is underrepresented in this government.

In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Tuesday, Yari lamented the fact that the North was not given any opportunities in governance in the incoming administration, simply because the President-Elect and Vice-President Elect ran with a Muslim-Muslim ticket. 

In response to the zoning, Yari said, “I haven’t seen wherever in the constitution where it says Christian must be president, Muslim must be president or vice president” He went on to say that the constitution did not recognize Islam or Christianity, that all the constitution recognized was the right to religion. “If president elect decides to do a Muslim-Muslim ticket, that is the business of the president and the executives. And if the parliamentary decides to do a Muslim-Muslim, it is the business of the parliament,” saying that there had been times in the country where the parliament had chosen Christians for the roles of Senate President, Deputy Senate President, and Speaker of the House of Representatives at the same time. He then said that they needed to find more reasons why a Muslim-Muslim ticket was something to be cautious about, because the reasons on ground were baseless.

Yari went on to point out how the major people in this administration’s governance- the President, Senate President, Future Chief Justice of Nigeria, are all from the south. He then said that after the north provided over 60% of the votes Tinubu garnered to win the election, it was unfair for the APC to expect the North to be satisfied since the Vice-President hailed from the North-East.

The former governor then confirmed that he was still in the running from the senate presidency, and that the zoning did not phase him in the least.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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