Arise America - 16/09

Monday 16 September 2013 - Updated 17 September 2013 09:29 GMT By Arise America

Debbye Turner Bell and all the sharpest guests of the day bring you the latest news and lively conversation.  In the news today:

  • Gunfire at a US Naval Command headquarters in Washington DC, at least 6 people have been killed in the rampage.
  • UN inspectors confirm that chemical weapons were used in the massacre in Syria that killed more than 1400 people.
  • History at the Miss America Pageant - the first Indian American scores the crown.

Gary Anthony Ramsay with the business news - from the inside track to the outside man, President Obama's favourite to become the new head of the Federal Reserve pulls his name from contention and Wall Street reacts.

More on that and a lot more on Arise America.


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